How to WASH CLOTHES to make them last longer. 7 essential tips!

How to WASH CLOTHES to make them last longer. 7 essential tips!


It has happened to all of us when washing clothes, we put a garment we love in the washing machine and... surprise surprise, it comes out worse than it went in.

Knowing how to wash clothes in all areas is the key to making them last longer and look their best.

So, get ready because we have prepared 7 tips that you can apply now to wash your clothes and make them last longer. Let's get started!


Wash smart

High temperatures, friction with other garments, losing colour, turning a different shade... well, you know what we're talking about. A show for your clothes. It is important to read the washing specifications on the garment's label before putting it in the washing machine. Another tip that will help us when washing clothes is to turn the garment inside out before putting it in the washing machine, this way we preserve the visible side of the garment.


Your clothes are terrified of the washing machine (or rather the way we use it...)
Of all the practices we have seen in the previous point, the one that wears out our clothes the most is excessive washing. That's why, once we have worn the garment, if it is not stained (of course!) we will hang it in an airy place, so that it is well ventilated and we should consider giving it one more use before washing it again. Easy! Just by doing that you'll be sure to get the most out of your favourite garments for many years to come.


Wash your clothes cold!

Most of the energy consumed by the washing machine is used to heat the water. In addition, hot water wears out fabrics and colours faster. If you have stubborn stains, no problem! Treat them before putting them in the washing machine with specific products. Finally, low water temperature helps the garment to wrinkle less ;)


Control the washing machine load

Planning when you have to wash your clothes will help you to make sure that the washing machine load is at its maximum and to get the most out of your washing machine. If this is not the case, adjust the water levels to match the size of the load.


Spot stains

If you get a spot stain on a garment, wash the stained area by hand to avoid wasting energy and more water than you really need, and to make sure you don't wear the garment out with yet another wash.


Which appliances to use?

Invest in washing machines with the highest energy rating (A+++) and shorter wash cycles. This will save you a lot of energy and water. Also, make sure you clean the filter and drum once a month to keep your washing machine on point. As far as possible, do not use the tumble dryer, dry clothes on the clothes line in the open air.


Iron those items that really need it.
As we have already mentioned, heat damages clothes a lot. Besides, if we hang the clothes correctly, they will not wrinkle. Hang shirts and T-shirts on a hanger, so they keep their natural shape. Try to always place the clothes pegs on the seams to minimise the marks they leave. Another tip is to hang clothes upside down, with the visible side of the garment on the inside, so that the sun doesn't fade the colour.


These tips for washing clothes are very easy to incorporate into your daily routine and will make a big difference, so your clothes will stay looking as good as new for much longer!

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