What HYGGE is and why it has revolutionised many people's daily lives

What HYGGE is and why it has revolutionised many people's daily lives


The hygge concept has revolutionised many people's daily lives, especially in the Nordic countries, because it is a super simple method that provides a dose of well-being whenever you need it.

Hygge is a Danish word that has no translation in English or Spanish. It is a concept associated with well-being, being in a pleasant and comforting environment or in other words, enjoying the little things in life.

In the Nordic countries, winters are very long and cold so people have to spend a lot of time indoors. The hygge philosophy makes being at home a pleasant and rewarding experience.

Hygge became known through a book of the same name, written by Meik Wiking, director of the Happiness Research Institute in Copenhagen. In 2012, a UN report ranked Denmark as the happiest country in the world and several people claim that Danish happiness is closely linked to this concept.

Although the hygge concept can always be applied, in these times we are living in it is very important to reconnect with the wellbeing of being at home.

So, if you want to change your mood in a simple way, we propose these small actions in the purest hygge style. We're sure you'll love them!



Surely you have experienced this feeling, consciously or unconsciously, lighting some candles and the dim light induces a state of tranquillity. This, my friend, is hygge. Warm, orangey lights, such as candles, salt lamps or garlands of lights, transport us to a comfortable atmosphere.


Fresh flowers

Surrounding ourselves with beauty helps us to be more present and connect with our surroundings. Fresh flowers make us feel good immediately and their fragrance puts us in a good mood. Without a doubt, this is a very hygge practice to change our mood immediately.


Good smells

Pleasant smells put us in a better mood. As we mentioned before with flowers, walking into a room and smelling good makes us feel more positive immediately. To achieve this, it is as simple as burning incense, lighting scented candles or burning essential oils. Even better if all the fragrances are natural!


Soft or ambient music

There is no need to put on meditation music if we don't feel like it, it is more important to look for that musical style or harmony that transports us to the mood we want to achieve. Background music undoubtedly makes us be present and allows us to enjoy this special moment we are creating.


Hot drinks

Hot drinks are a must! They make you feel good! Whether it's the good feeling it gives you in your stomach, the warmth you feel in your hands when you touch the cup?



Comfort and cosiness are a must if we want to live a hygge experience. Wearing the clothes we feel most comfortable in, wearing woollen socks or comfortable house shoes will immediately transport us to a state of good vibes.



Hygge is being in the present, being grateful for this wonderful moment, alone or in company. In the present all is well and if we have already prepared the environment to be able to enjoy and be grateful for the moment, the hygge experience will be complete.

Surely consciously or unconsciously many of these actions transported you to a better mood. Hygge, as we have already mentioned, is nothing more than being aware of the comfort that surrounds us and living it from the present and with gratitude. You have seen how simple it is! Now that we have no choice but to be at home, it's better to do it in the cosiest way possible!

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