Nice to meet you

Who are we?

Hello:) I'm Alex, founder of LE-BOBÚ. I guess if you're here it's because you want to know more about LE-BOBÚ. Make yourself comfortable, let's get started...

I've always liked fashion, when I was little I used to play dress up with my parents' clothes and when I was older (don't do this at home, please) I started to fix my own clothes with a silicone gun (yes, you read that right) I had no idea how to sew, but I did know how I wanted to express myself with my clothes.

My parents, after having loaded my entire wardrobe, decided to give me my first sewing machine (probably the gift that has marked me the most).

I started taking sewing classes with the ladies in my neighbourhood. I went with my friends' grandmothers (I was below the average age of the "club"). It was amazing. I started to connect with the power of fashion to express yourself. I started to really dress the way I wanted to, without any brand or trend deciding for me. It helped me gain self-confidence and become more aware that my actions have consequences.

This encouraged me to learn more about the textile industry and, I was shocked by the bitter reality. At that time I was very naive, and I was not aware of all that buying fast fashion entailed. At that time, I stopped shopping radically, I was angry with myself and with the whole world, because I couldn't understand that we allowed these things. I started to evangelise (give the badge...) to everyone around me. I was bitter, I felt alone fighting against a way of doing things that was much bigger than me.

I understood that this was not the way and I decided to transform all this anger into something of value. I understood that for change to be real and lasting, it has to be enjoyable, positive and empowering.

I love the business world, I have a degree in Business Administration and I have been trained in agile methodologies. I tied things together, and I clearly saw where I could add value.

So I embarked on the adventure of LE-BOBÚ, the fashion brand for all those people who love to play with their style, have fun with their clothes and do it in a sustainable way!

Now that we know each other a little better, welcome to this fantastic universe of fashion and sustainability. I just want to tell you to enjoy yourself and that I'm here for everything you need. 


Our Project

LE · BOBÚ is a sustainable fashion project born out of the need to explore new designs, new fabrics and new ways of dressing, but always focusing on sustainability. We inspire a sustainable way to be fashionable.

We don't perceive fashion as an isolated phenomenon, but quite the opposite. Each piece of clothing tells a story. It carries in its designs the country where it was created. It carries in its fabric the effort of the people who have designed and made it and in its threads, the human and environmental resources that have been allocated to make it.

We want our pieces to tell the most beautiful story!

LE · BOBÚ is a statement. It is a way of saying that we love fashion, but sustainable fashion, which represents our values!




When we started with LE · BOBÚ we did a market study and detected what were the barriers that prevent people from buying sustainable clothing.

  • There was no brand that represented its style or values.
  • Brands were not transparent about their production process and it was difficult to verify if they were really doing what they promised.
  • Prices not suitable for all audiences.

And we asked ourselves a question: how do we make our brand generate a sustainable impact in the textile industry and reach the maximum number of people?

After studying different business models, understanding what it means for us to be sustainable and consume sustainably... We've reached this conclusion:


Welcome to the new circular way of shopping

We have developed a business model based on circular economy. What does this imply?

Designing with the premise of durability and versatility each of our garments. We focus on that each piece inspires you to get the most out of your personal style and to always accompany you! We don't design following trends, the only limit to combine the clothes is your creativity!

Limited stock. We don't do mass production. We make sure to manufacture the necessary garments without generating unnecessary waste. Our garments are limited and unique.

We manufacture with low environmental impact and biodegradable fabrics. Other than being respectful to the planet and to the people who treat the fabrics, they are beneficial for your skin. They are soft, highly breathable and don't generate allergies or irritate your skin.

We will extend the useful life of the garment to the maximum! Our clothes will be bought, rented or bought second-hand.