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MARIE Earrings

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Two buttons from the 80's, mint green and very very unique. And if that wasn't enough, play with them and turn them into a chocker. 

Yeah, we made the same face when we saw the end result ;)



When pieces from another decade meet the avant-garde design and give birth to our most unique collection of jewellery. 

In a daring mixture of modern and antique, LA·BOURGEOISE is designed just for us and we have used (how could it be otherwise) vintage accessories from the 80's and made one by one by Berta in her atelier in Barcelona.


As they are jewellery designed with pieces from another decade and made entirely by hand, they may present different variations, different gold plating, some marks that are practically imperceptible, etc.



  • Keep the design away from water.
  • Please do not spray the design with cologne.
  • Only clean with a dry wipe (do not use any kind of product).
  • Sweat, depending on the PH of the person, can damage the piece.
  • Treat the design with great care, it is a jewel.