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Men Repeller Bag - Pizza Media

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We leave it to other brands to make boring bags.

The Men Repeller Bag is designed to be a statement piece. It expresses who you are and what values define you without having to say a word.

Uniqueness Alert! To create this design, we upcycle deadstock fabrics. This means we use leftovers from high-quality fashion firms and turn waste into fashion.

By doing this, we create limited and unique collections with the lowest possible impact.


Pizza Media: 30 x 30 cm


Do not wash, but if necessary, only dry clean very carefully.

On Demand Garment

Once you purchase your design, we begin the sewing process. By doing this, we ensure that no unnecessary clothes are made, making us more sustainable, and we guarantee that each garment receives the necessary attention to be of high quality. Once the order is placed, in approximately 15-21 days, you will receive your design at your home.