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Twilight Set

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Made from high quality deadstock velvet. Give your emo teenager a treat with this spooky set.

Ideal for being the stupidest lamb or the sick, masochistic lion.

Uniqueness Alarm! To create this design we up-cycle deadstock fabrics, this means, we use leftovers from high quality fashion firms and turn waste into fashion.

By doing this, we create limited and unique collections with the lowest possible impact.

Skirt Size:

Small: Waist 68cm / Hip 94cm / Length 36cm.

Medium: Waist 72cm / Hip 100cm / Length 38cm.

Large: Waist 74cm / Hip 104cm / Length 40cm.

Top Size:

Small: Bust 77cm / Length 25cm

Medium: Bust 80cm / Length 27cm

Large: Bust 83cm / Length 30cm

Fabric & care: 

Dry cleaning only.

On Demand Garment

Once you buy your design, we start sewing. By doing this, we ensure no unnecessary clothes are made, being more sustainables and we garantize that each garment receives the necessary attention to be of high quality. One the order is made, in approximately 15 days, you will have your design at your home.